Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Trop Talk

Welcome to Trop Talk, a blog dedicated to the team that plays in the Trop, The Tampa Bay Rays. This site, operated by Brett Ballard and Adrian Martinez, wants to fill readers in with information about the Rays, Players, Transactions, and other random tid-bits. We will also provide informed opinions about anything and everything Rays. This site is being brought to you from two college kids who are dedicated fans that span back from the Quentin McCracken charging Pedro days. We would like to thank Cork Gaines who runs, which is a great blog for any Rays fan, and Alex Monroe for helping with site issues. In the upcoming days we will start our first segment titled Over and Under, where we will evaluate the returning Rays players and provide our insight on how we think the season will play out for them. Feel free to email us with any tips or comments at Enjoy the site and Go Rays.

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